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Few things are more important than providing the world with a safe and nutritious supply of food.  Attune endeavors to make agricultural practices both efficient and sustainable without negatively impacting our principle natural resources of water, soil, and air by substantially reducing overall pesticide usage.

OUR Products

Ampersand® and Accomplice™️ are innovative adjuvant systems scientifically formulated to improve the delivery and efficacy of agricultural pesticides by utilizing hydrocolloid technology.  Attune Agriculture has tapped into over a century’s worth of hydrocolloid expertise from the food industry in order to create this functionally superior adjuvant system.


For Row Crops


For Conventional and Organic Fruits and Vegetables

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Hydrocolloids are carbohydrate-based polymers that have the ability to dramatically alter the physical characteristics of water-based solutions.  In addition to changing the viscosity or thickness of a solution, hydrocolloids are capable of affecting surface tension, increasing water-binding capacity, improving film formation, increasing adhesion, and modifying the flow or spread of a solution.  Tailor-made adjuvant solutions can be created by selecting hydrocolloids based on their specific functional attributes, in order to improve critical parameters like spray deposition and resistance to wash-off by rainfall or overhead irrigation all while increasing overall pesticide efficacy.