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Ampersand is an innovative adjuvant system scientifically formulated to improve the delivery and efficacy of agricultural pesticides by utilizing hydrocolloid technology.  Attune, the makers of Ampersand, tapped into over a century’s worth of hydrocolloid expertise from the food industry in order to create this functionally superior adjuvant system.

For nearly five years, Ampersand has been extensively evaluated utilizing laboratory, greenhouse, spray chamber, wind tunnel and field research trials. The compilation of this extensive research program demonstrates that Ampersand enhances the precision of pesticide performance by:

  • Improving spray coverage
  • Increasing deposition
  • Providing resistance to wash off from rainfall or overhead irrigation

Ampersand has been developed using only food grade ingredients that have been extensively tested to have the lowest toxicity rating, Category IV. No signal words are required for labeling this product and no special PPE or handling is required. Attune believes Ampersand can be a valuable component of any innovative farming approach.

*currently approved in CA for use with herbicides and insecticides

Available at your local Ag retailer:

Buttonwillow Warehouse Company
Grow West

DS&A (FL): 904-543-9955

Premier Fertilizer Company (FL): 904-704-2240

Chamberlin Agriculture
G.S. Long




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