Accomplice™️ is not your typical herbicide surfactant.  Actually, it’s not a surfactant at all. This innovative adjuvant system is scientifically formulated to improve herbicide delivery and efficacy for row crops.  Accomplice is specifically optimized to maximize compatibility with the widest range of herbicides. Accomplice enhances the precision of herbicide performance by:

  • Improving spray coverage
  • Increasing deposition
  • Providing resistance to wash off from rainfall or overhead irrigation
  • Slowing evaporation to increase absorption potential  

Herbicides stop working once they have dried. Accomplice’s ability to get more spray volume on the leaf, and keep it there in a wet state, is the key to unlocking the full performance potential from your herbicide application.

Accomplice has been developed using only food grade ingredients that have been extensively tested to have the lowest toxicity rating, Category IV. No signal words are required for labeling this product and no special PPE or handling is required.