Ampersand helps control
all types of Aphids, on
all types of crops, with
all types of insecticides


∙ Ampersand improved aphid insecticide performance >85% of the time

Ampersand improved aphid control by an average of 30.7%

∙ Average aphid control 5 - 6 days post treatment with Ampersand was 88.1% compared to insecticide alone at 71.3%

Late Night reading:

Attune Agriculture conducted 6 trials to evaluate Ampersand's performance with insecticides used to control aphids.  The evaluations were administered on a diverse set of crops including row crops (cotton and canola), vegetables (broccoli and peppers), tree crops (pecans) and tobacco.  The evaluations included three aphid species: green peach aphid, cotton aphid and black margined aphid.  Leading aphid insecticides were tested including two neonicotinoids (acetamiprid and imidacloprid) and two organophosphates (acephate and dimethoate).


Row Crops

In a trial conducted by RD4Ag in Yuma, AZ, Ampersand was evaluated on canola heavily infested with green peach aphid, nearly 2000 aphid nymphs per 10 leaves.  The addition of Ampersand @ 0.25% improved Assail acetamiprid @ 3 oz/A performance 6 days after application on green peach aphid adults by 66.4% and nymphs by 92.3%.


In a trial conducted by TRACS in Visalia, CA, total aphids were counted.  All treatments provided >80% control.  Ampersand added to the tank mix provided average control of 93.2% whereas Admire Pro imidacloprid @ 0.032 lbs ai/A alone provided 85.7% control.



Two trials were conducted by RD4Ag in Yuma, AZ, both evaluating Ampersand for control of green peach aphid.  In a trial on broccoli, Ampersand @ 0.25% substantially improved aphid control with Assail acetamiprid @ 3 oz/A throughout the study compared to pre-treatment aphid levels.  In terms of nymphs, Ampersand provided an average control of 93.3% whereas the insecticide alone provided only 54.1%.  In terms of adults, Ampersand provided 70.1% control 6 days after application whereas the insecticide alone only provided 15.6% control.



In a trial on bell peppers, Ampersand @ 0.25% was tank mixed with either Assail acetamiprid @ 3 oz/A or dimethoate @ 0.65 pt/A.  Aphid populations were relatively low and all treatments provided 100% control 3 days after application. 



Ampersand @ 0.25% was evaluated as a tank mix with Assail acetamiprid @ 6.9 oz/A for control of black margined aphids on pecans.  Ampersand substantially accelerated aphid control compared to the insecticide alone.  The Ampersand tank mix reduced adults 81.7% and nymphs 97.4%, 2 days after application, whereas the insecticide alone reduced adults by 36.7% and nymphs by 57.9%.



Eurofins conducted a trial in Cedar Grove, NC to evaluate Ampersand @ 0.25% tank mixed with Orthene acephate @ 0.5 lbs/A or Assail acetamiprid @ 3 oz/A for control of green peach aphid on tobacco.  When tank mixed with Orthene, Ampersand increased the nymph mortality 2 days after application by 52.4%.  When tank mixed with Assail, Ampersand increased nymph mortality by 73.3%.