Ampersand Substantially Improves Glufosinate Herbicide Performance

In a field trial conducted by RD4Ag in Yuma, AZ, Attune Ag’s Ampersand adjuvant substantially improved the herbicidal activity of glufosinate. Ampersand, at 1 pint and 1 quart per 100 gallons of spray mix were tank mixed with glufosinate at 43 fl oz/A and compared to the same rate of glufosinate applied alone or in combination with 2 lbs/A of AMS. Treatments were made to a fallow field with weeds that were generally 4 inches to 6 inches in height. Percent weed control was measured 2 and 7 days after the herbicide application. The results of the trial are shown in the graph below. Both rates of Ampersand provided statistically superior control when compared to glufosinate alone or tank mixed with AMS. The addition of Ampersand substantially increased the speed of control, providing more than 4.5 times higher control after only 2 days after the application. Seven days after the application, the addition of Ampersand at either rate provided >90% control.